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Pete Theer, 191 FM 2313, Kempner, Texas 76539-8672  USA

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  June 27-28. 2009 is Amateur Radio Week in Texas 

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  "The Birth and Early Days of Amateur Radio" 

Added 11/04/2012 "Amateur Radio’s Value to Emergency Communications" Added 11/04/2012

What is an Amateur Radio Operator

QSL Card Etiquette
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Glossary of Common Ham Radio Terms

My QSL Information

My Ham Radio History

My Life Biography

Amateur Radio Station Licenses

My QSL Cards through the years

Historic Shack Photos
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Recent Shack Photos

Temporary New Radio Room

Recent Antenna Photos

Recent G5RV HF Wire Antenna Photos

Ham Radio Friends / Get Together Photos

My Current Radio Equipment (with photos)
(includes CW key collections)
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Added 11/04/2012 K5PRT- Last 50 QSOs Added 11/04/2012

WB5RPU Station Log Pages 08/15/06 to 08/26/07

WB5RPU/K5PRT Station Log Pages 08/26/07 to 09/29/09

K5PRT Station Log Pages 09/29/09 to current

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Central Texas Skywarn Article

Membership Certificates

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Awards and Certfications
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Current Weather at K5PRT, Kempner, Texas

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Visit my PoultryHelp.com site
(I no longer raise poultry and very seldom update the site, but will leave the site online to help other poultry people)
(Lots of personal photos there )

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